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Strength and Endurance training for various sports codes

Weekend Warriors was created for 2 things, Strength & Endurance. Whether you are a beginner in your sports field or a pro, we are 100% sure we can help you improve your performances with our programs. From Running to Rugby, from Cycling to Cricket, from Obstacle Course Racing to Swimming, we are here to improve your conditioning for you to perform at optimum levels.

All our programs is online and bodyweight based which means you can do it anywhere, anytime.

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Why choose us?

We have an extremely experienced trainer who will guide and coach you through the program and we also spend a lot of time researching the best techniques for your benefit.

  • Our Experienced Trainer

    Our Trainer is a 28 year old qualified Fitness Instructor who has been active and playing sports since the age of 6 in 1998. His sporting resume includes the following:

    • 14 Years worth of Rugby experience as a Flanker and Winger
    • 11 Years worth of Cricketing experience
    • 6 Years worth of Squash playing experience
    • Countless Obstacle Course Races, 5km Runs, 10km Runs.
    • Countless hours spent on other sports codes mostly for the health and fitness aspect of it like Golf, swimming, bootcamp, training at qualified personal trainers, etc

    22 Years of training and fitness experience is something that can not be easily replaced.
    As can be seen above, our trainer is experienced in a wide variety of sporting codes which makes him the perfect person to help you build your strength and endurance for whichever sport you part take in.

  • We have also been doing research on fitness for basically every single sport that exists for the last 12 years.


We have put together a wide range of specifically designed programs so that you can choose the program that best suits YOU!

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